He was heavily bullied during his high school years[16] and attributes the mistreatment he experienced to his decision to pursue martial arts later in life.

Have you been betrayed, rejected, despised or even bullied like Israel Adesanya, popularly known as Style-bender?

And what was your reaction? Did you cower, moan or sulk or you converted the test to a testimony?

In the world of kickboxing today, the name Israel Adesanya rings a bell, from China to New Zealand to Nigeria and around the world.

But that name and that destiny could have died like that of every person who faints in the times of adversity.


The word of the Lord for you today is: “Be strong in the Lord (not in yourself or any other person) and in the power of His might” Ephesians 6:10.

No adversity is strong enough to destroy you without your permission.

No Challenge can crush you with your consent.

No trial can trash you but most often they are meant to train you to trust God and triumph through them.

Learn From This Champion

Adesanya is now the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion. As of March 2020, he was the #5 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings. But he lost his first fight through a unanimous points decision to Belgian Filip Verlinden at Glory 15 in Istanbul, Turkey. It was only his second loss yet from two early losses that could have discouraged him, he rose to be a champion.

You can do much more. You can do better.

Adesanya was born to Nigerian parents but summoned courage and became a champion in his chosen career, not even in Nigeria, where he was born but in Auckland, New Zealand.

Blessings are not localised, you can have a breakthrough anywhere. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Daniel prospered in foreign lands. Arise and shine, allow nothing to hold you down.

No circumstance is strong enough short-circuit your life but you must circumvent all hurdles with God on your side.

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