Anointing comes before announcements. Preparation comes before promotion. The cross preceded the crown.

As I was praying this morning for God to anoint me with fresh power, I thought in my heart that I’ve been praying the same prayer for more than a year – Is it not to much? Then this word dropped in my spirit – anointing comes before announcement.

How much God wants to use you determines how well He will prepare you.

Everyone has a stage set before him – some will not reach the stage, some will reach it but won’t last long on it, some would last but will be cut short at almost the end of their time – but some will stay on the stage of their purpose graciously and faithfully to the end.


Jesus prepared for 18 years to do 3-year ministry. David was anointed King around 18 years, he used 12 years to prepare how to sit on the throne. Abraham used 100 years to prepare and learn how to trust God and walk by faith alone.

Preparation time can be frustrating. In that period, God probes, prunes and perfects you. It’s never convenient but it’s always worth it.

In you season of preparation, some will mock you and despise you. They’ll conclude you have failed. But hear me, you will only fail if you don’t prepare well.


God will never announce a product that is not good to the world for usage. David prepared for Goliath whilst tendering the sheep – he killed the bear and the lion.

Abraham prepared for a life of faith waiting for 100 years to have Isaac – the child of promise – and he became the Father of them that believe.

Assessment comes before assignment. You will triumph over all trials. You will testify after every test.

Perhaps you are preparing to be the good wife, great business man, scientists, politician, good father, pastor etc. Allow God to train you and equip you with the relevant gifts and fruits of the Spirit – then you will become fail-proof.

Use some of the failures of the past as good learning references.

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with Holy Spirit and with power, he went about doing good, healing all of them that were oppressed for God was with him – Acts 10:10.

Even Jesus, in all his grace and glory, was anointed before he was announced.

Success occurs when preparation kisses opportunity. A prepared man can never fail.

Have a Blessed Day

Propget Femi Oshin
Wall of Fire Ministry