Marriage is a journey of two people toward the fulfilment of their purposes in God.

A man goes to a woman’s family and asks them to trust him with their daughter’s life, purpose and destiny. Remember, the woman’s family didn’t say they could not raise their daughter by themselves.

So, as a man, you have gone to accept two responsibilities: that of the father and mother of your wife, including yours, making it three.

So, you’d be the father, mother and husband. This, includes but not limited to financial responsibilities.

Additionally, don’t forget the woman’s parents knew she had weaknesses – but they’ve been teaching and assisting her with it (if it’s the right home). And they’d continue to help her with the weaknesses if you didn’t come around.

So, complain less about her weaknesses but rather gracefully look for how to help her out of them.

For a woman, her parent’s home was her primary school of life, her matrimonial is the ‘forever’ school of life.

Marriage is the only institution where you receive certificate from the start – meaning, you have graduated and can’t graduate out of it again in future.

A man who is not ready to be the father, mother and husband to a woman may rather remain single. Marriage is for men, not for boys.

The Lord will en-grace you to faithfully enjoy your marriage.