The fact that different guys pick you up every now and then does not make you a big girl. 

The fact that you wear  the latest designers in the market does not make you a big girl. 

The fact that you use the latest phone and different guys pay money into your account does not make you a big girl… 

It does not even make you smart! You are only eating up your FUTURE!

 A big girl is a girl driven by purpose & integrity which will eventually lead to prosperity

She is not the one who flirts with all the men around her.

 She is the girl who respects her relationship and marriage. 

She is never heard but seen. You know her by what she does and her behaviour speaks a lot about her. 

She is every man’s queen and  decently dressed not flaunting her breast in the name of cleavage exposure to indecently trend

A big girl respects the value of womanhood and carries herself with dignity & Godliness. 

Stop boasting about the number of men you’ve slept with  because – cheap articles have more buyers.. 

Build yourself into the woman people will always respect and admire.

Never follow men who will make a mess of your life. Be bold but humble. Be Godly, smart-working, ambitious yet contented 

Don’t throw yourself at men…Real men will seek after you!

Build yourself into a virtuous woman. Not the girl  men only  take to hotels & clubs for temporary pleasure!

 TRUST ME, if you just trap a man with your body, he may go one day. 

But allow your virtues to trap him and he will place value on you forever.

A lady without morals and dignity is like a phone without a sim: USELESS

Don’t be depressed or under pressure because you are single and some relationships have failed especially the ones that have failed because you stand for righteousness….continue to prepare yourself for your King…No True Queen Can Ever Get Stranded.